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Hamilton’s, has been established since 1947. It was acquired in 1980 by the Present owners who have spent over 35 years at the helm, steering it through the difficult periods of previous recessions, and successfully kept the name of Hamilton’s in the top league.


Hamilton’s has represented many large companies in the acquisition of sites, among them the Leicester Mercury News shops, part of the Daily Mail Group, the Co-op, Jackson’s, Alldays, Perfect Pizza and various international collaborations.

Over the years Hamilton’s has built up an enviable reputation with Lenders, business vendors and purchasers alike. In early 1995 due to pressure Hamilton’s divided the company into two sections and after due consideration, the retail business sales side of the company was sold.

2012-Present. Hamilton’s now concentrates on Commercial Investments, Development Projects, off market deals in Hotels, Flats in the UK including prime Central deals and assists in raising Finance for investments and restructuring of business funds.